23 February 2011

Friends, Family, and Patrons:


Along with twenty-one other young artists, I was recently selected as an Emerging Iowa Artist for the 2011 Des Moines Arts Festival on June 24th-26th. The annual festival is free to the public and spans four blocks downtown Des Moines, attracting visitors from all over to view artwork by more than 160 artists. For the first time, I will put my artwork on display in a 10X10’ booth… for an estimated crowd of 200,000 people! As if that wasn’t enough pressure, I only have a few months to create more work to fill my shelves. Without such a deadline, I would probably rent a shared studio space in Des Moines while saving up to create my own studio space. However, given the commute, my work schedule, a diminishing time limit, and my already ideal set up here in Stuart, I shall pursue the lofty goal of setting up my own studio.


Amazingly enough, the larger tools that I would only have dreamed of owning in the future, such as a slab roller, an extruder, and a kick wheel, are already stationed in the studio and waiting to be used thanks to my handyman boyfriend, Thomas Steinbach. This of course leaves the bare essentials still on the To Buy list: an electric kiln, clay, and glaze ingredients (as well as other miscellaneous studio tools). Financing this plan has been no easy task, especially with other remodeling projects, such as our recently refinished hardwood floors both up and downstairs. Supplementing a small loan and a rejected grant proposal, I am in search of additional funding. So, I come to you and request your faithful support and financial assistance.


Stemming from the basis of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), let’s call this endeavor a CSK, or Community Supported Kiln, and instead of random vegetables in a box, you will receive your choice of pottery made by me. It’s pretty simple really—money now, product later. In exchange for your monetary contribution to help pay for a kiln, I will offer you my pottery, double your gifted amount in value. Like my stamped plates, doily tripod cups, vases or planters? Want to ensure that I keep making more by helping me establish a studio? Well this is an opportunity for you to show your support AND get your hands on some of my pottery for half the price! The only catch is that I need your money now—as little or as much as you’d like to give—and you’ll have to be patient and wait to receive your goodies.


The following is a wide-ranging list of sponsorship levels, illustrating certain studio costs and demonstrating that every little bit counts!


$2.50 Bucket Haulers

$6 Rutile Enthusiasts

$12 Cobalt Carbonate Lovers

$23 Clay Baggers

$35 EnviroVent Extenders

$49 Shelf Stackers

$95 Triple Beam Balancers

$140 Utility Fuelers

$260 Open House Host(esse)s

$390 Kiln Loaders

$450 EnviroVent Installers

$2,640 Kiln Masters


My goal is to have the studio set up by the first day of spring (March 20th), so please consider, decide and send your support as soon as possible.


Visit my website for images and estimated prices of my work as well as news updates: www.Lynsi-Pasutti.com. Checks can be sent to PO Box 62 in Stuart, IA 50250. Please call (515-314-8445) or e-mail (Lynsi.Pasutti@gmail.com) if you have any questions, comments, or news of your own! Feel free to forward this e-mail on to your family, friends, and co-workers if you think they might be interested. Thank you for your past and hopefully continued support!



Lynsi Pasutti