Here is a price list to help with chosing pieces and making special orders:


$3        buttons

$12      stamped pendants


$6         stamped tea bag plates

$8         dip bowls

$20      small stamped trays

$30      large stamped trays



$8        set of 2 napkin rings

$15      set of 4 napkin rings


$10      mini tripod cups (1 oz)

$12      x-small tripod cups (2 oz)

$15      small tripod cups (4 oz)

$20     medium tripod cups (8 oz)

$22     large tripod cups (10 oz)

$24     x-large tripod cups (18 oz)



$20     leaf tiles

$25     large stamped plates

$40     vases

$40     medium wall pieces (4X8)

$50     large wall pieces (8X8)

$60     set of 4 small wall pieces (4X4 each)


Please note this is just an example of prices and not a complete list of pottery available. Prices for custom pieces will vary, but will be similar to the above list basede on size. Discounts will be given for large quantities.