Thank you thank you thank you to the following contributors as well as other non-financial supporters! This Community Supported Kiln fundraiser has been a major success! I received $1,777 from thirty donors--more than enough for the down payment and the first three loan payments! Again, thank you!


Rutile Enthusiasts

Paula Traut


Cobalt Carbonate Lovers

Ashleigh Leitch

Adair Lindsay


Clay Baggers

Chanti Calabria

Joel Cherrico

Claudia Drake

Carolyn Fritz

Audrey Gabe

Drew Madson

Katie Nevins

Beth Schiemann

Ethan Steinbach

Tyler Steinbach


EnviroVent Extenders

Steph Hall

Laura Toscano

Steffany Yamada


Shelf Stackers

Serina Aubrecht

Jolene Brink

Christa Edlund

Megan Foehrenbacher

Kitty Hallau

Georgia Welle


Triple Beam Balancers

Joy Bridy

Chris Isola

Mark Ross

June & Paul Steinbach


Utility Fuelers

Tom Dehler


Open House Host(esse)s

Nancy Polo

Genna Strauss & Ted LaFrance


Kiln Masters

Earlham Savings Bank

(thanks for the loan!)