Des Moines Arts Festival 2011

all set up and ready to go!
all set up and ready to go!

All those long days and sleepless nights paid off because the Des Moines Arts Festival was a major success! It turned out to be a beautiful weekend despite the gloomy forcasts. We only encountered a few sprinkles on Friday morning while unloading the car and then again on Sunday evening while loading up the car for the final time. It might have been a different story had we had the storm roll through the area that was expected, but luckily it all worked out swell.


I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to showcase what I have been working on. It was an amazing weekend. For as exhausting as those three full days were, I enjoyed every minute of it--even the stressful set up on the first day. From the conversations with visitors and other artists to the required demonstration and the unexpected amount of sales--it was all good!


Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to say hi and especially those who left with wrapping paper. Big or small, every purchase counts and shows your support for the arts!


Thank you to my brother, who spent the whole day with me on Saturday, helping me keep things orderly and stocked as well as holding down the fort while I went on frequent breaks.


A special thanks to Kate Westlund and Kyle Ellingson who drove down from Minnesota--COMPLETELY blowing my socks off, since I had NO IDEA they were moving back from MAINE! 


And of course, there is no way this would have been possible without my man. My display would have been nothing without him building frames, pedestals, and shelf after shelf--not to mention putting up with me when I was stressing out about something. Thanks Tom!








CSK Update

Hello CSK Supporters!

loading the kiln for the first time back in April
loading the kiln for the first time back in April

While it may have been awhile since you’ve heard from me last, I would like to reassure you all that I have not forgotten about your generous gifts! It just so happens that I have a big shiny reminder in the corner of my shop—which by the way has been firing quite a lot lately. With just one week before the Des Moines Arts Festival, I am making the final preparations for the big day and wrapping up what has been a very busy month or so of production. As I wait for the kiln to cool enough to unload and load again, I thought I’d take a bit of time to thank you all again. Without each one of your gifts, no matter what the dollar amount, this really would not be possible. Together, the CSK amount totaled $1,777 (about a THIRD of the bill)! Thank you so much! Now it is time for me to start paying you all back!

Unfortunately, nothing will be available to claim until after the Des Moines Arts Festival (June 24-26). You are of course welcome to come visit me during the festival and pick out your goodies then, but that would be quite the drive for most of you! So, as soon as I recover from the three day event, I will post photos on my website of pieces available to claim of what’s left from the festival. Shortly thereafter, I will get back to making work and will post new photos after each glaze firing. You can expect a newsletter with updates, keeping you in the loop of what’s new in the studio as well as my travel plans for possible meet-up delivery (as opposed to ‘in-shop’ pick-up or mail delivery).


For now, here are a few teaser photos of pieces I will be taking to the Des Moines Arts Festival to get you excited for what could soon be yours!

If you have any requests or suggestions, please feel free to send them my way and I’ll see what I can do!


Thanks again!