2013 Community Supported Art

photo by JAG Photography
photo by JAG Photography

As mentioned last month, I am doing another bit of fund raising in order to purchase a large batch of clay. I have it all set up on Etsy (but will also accept checks in the mail). Please refer to either of the two links above for more information on the CSA model and/or my special offer--for every $20 you send me to help pay for clay, you will receive $30 in pottery by the end of the year--a solid investment, if you ask me! I need to order clay very soon, so this CSA (Community Supported Art) opportunity ends March 24th! Thank you for your consideration and support!


I was hoping this blog post would be more interesting, but due to an early onset of allergies, I must end it sooner than I'd like--my brain doesn't work so well when my head is congested!!

In closing, here is a little spring teaser--I am very excited to introduce small succulent planters this year! These will be fired soon, so keep an eye out for the finished product!