Artist Statement

Enjoying the process of hand building, I construct simple yet interesting slab forms to create both functional and decorative pottery. I find beauty in nature and simple objects that have the ability to be reused and transformed into texture and surface design when pressed into clay; I incorporate prairie grasses to create miniature landscapes and thrifted doilies to mimic the intricacies of the natural world. My work tends to look ‘earthy’ as I have chosen to use brown clays and often celebrate the material by leaving portions unglazed. The raw clay color and texture adds another layer to a decorative piece that may be partially glazed, typically with a brown or green glaze. I primarily fire my work in an electric kiln, but wood fire whenever I can.


Over the years, I have noticed that as I spend more time in my garden, my work has naturally evolved beyond nature-inspired surface design to embrace nature-inspired function as well. budvases, planters, and garden markers are new additions to the list that already consisted of vases, prairie grass wall boxes, and stamped trays. Of course, one must also include the cups and plates that complement the harvest!