It's here! Now what?

I LOVE that you can see the striped floors in its reflection!
so shiny!!

Earlier this month, we made a trip to Omaha to pick up the kiln. It was quite an exciting feeling just to have it in the shop, but I was only able to look at it while I waited for a couple of weeks to actually set it up.


Now, we are getting a little closer to actually firing it! Uncle Mark came out earlier this week to hook up the electrical--a task that seemed a lot larger than it actually was once we got started.  This lit a fire under our behinds and we bought some quikrete the next day to make a step-up from the wood flooring. 


Once that cures completely, we can move the kiln back to its spot in the corner and get the enviroVent set up. Hopefully that will be just as smooth as the other steps in this long process, but time will tell!

Soon to come: a test firing with just shelves and posts (as suggested by the kiln manual). Time is ticking: 9 more weeks until the Des Moines Arts Festival!

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