Food for thought

a sample of my work
a sample of my work

A friend forwarded me an Etsy link, sharing an artist working in a similar style as me. Not only was it great to see what someone else is doing with slabs and lace, but it was also helpful in another way: realizing that Etsy might be a great way to kill two birds with one stone!


I have several friends getting married this year, all interested in my pottery as either bridal party gifts, guest gifts, or personal belongings. So while I can fulfill the first two of those requests in a typical commission format, the last request seemed a bit more tricky. Not anymore!


A lot of people think of the typical gift registry as a wishlist to places like Target for towels and small appliances. But why not register via an Etsy shop? Here is an example of a registry for plates and bowls (similar to my style!). DEFINITELY food for thought! So, by the end of the summer, expect to see an Etsy shop set up with pieces for a few of my soon to be newly wed friends! I picture the traditional plate set as well as cups, mugs, platters, napkin rings, picture frames, and whatever else may be requested.

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