Terra Sig--looking forward to an upcoming workshop at CASA

<iconceramics.com> Pintz shows his terra sig test tiles on his 'technical' page of his website.
<iconceramics.com> Pintz shows his terra sig test tiles on his 'technical' page of his website.

I am signed up for a workshop at CASA (Creative Artist Studios of Ames) this coming weekend. Friday evening will be the mixing portion of the workshop and Saturday morning and afternoon will be the colorant adding and application portion of the workshop.  


I am always up for learning something new, but this particular opportunity is exciting because it marks the first of many clay functions for me in IOWA.  Of course, I am still in the process of getting the studio up and going, but hopefully being in a shared space with new information will help jump start my own production in my own space. 


In search of some inspiration to make a few vessels to take to the workshop (to practice terra sig application techniques), I came across Joseph Pintz's work at iconceramics.com. He has an interesting philosophy and style. I especially like his 'troughs'. I made a few pinch pots and shall leave it at that for now--tests don't need to be anything fancy, right?


I do believe I will be doing a lot of research in the coming year. Hopefully this will not only involve web searches, but also meet and greets of other local artists...

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