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The Center on Sustainable Communities is having its second annual fundraising party on Thursday, November 11th. Although I was not a part of the event last year, I am very excited for this year's Evergreen. As a new intern for COSC, I am looking forward to seeing what it's all about and how I can get involved with the organization. Last week, I ran around town hanging posters and asking for donations for the event's silent auction. Since a few other art pieces were donated, I figured why not donate something of mine?? So, a set of four tripod doily cups signed with an "LP" will be up for auction later this week. We'll see if anyone likes them enough to bid on them, but all in all--every little bit counts and I'm glad to participate!

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    Kate (Sunday, 05 December 2010 20:37)

    Any bids??? I'm excited to move in to my first apartment and use your kick ass cups all the time! (and kick ass napkin rings for special occasions!) :)
    I miss you,

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    Chris (Tuesday, 07 December 2010 15:29)

    Thanks for the awesome cups! It was great catching up with you and your work; look forward to seeing what other pieces you're inspired to create.

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    Lynsi Pasutti (Wednesday, 08 December 2010 16:25)

    Chris, thank you for supporting the Center on Sustainable Communities! Enjoy the cups!