some interesting results

My first reaction when I opened the kiln was 'oh no!', but I guess that is a pretty typical response for me. I try not to have expectations when glaze testing or trying something new, but sometimes it's unavoidable. So, when I unloaded the kiln, I was feeling a little disappointed with the results. But, I've learned from experience that it is best to just set something aside and then come back to it a few hours or a day later to reassess. Turns out, these glaze tests aren't half bad! 

For some reason, I forgot that red iron oxide is actually green when in an oxidized atmosphere--like an electric kiln. So, while I did not get the nice reds and oranges I was shooting for, I do like the tones of golden browns and even some of the green-grays that came out of this batch of glaze testing.


Now it's time for another bisque firing or two, more glazing and then another glaze firing to finish up everything for the studio tour....

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    placidrevival (Thursday, 15 November 2012 07:09)

    They look stunning!