chimney thru the roof!

Kate and I visited Joy's to help build her chimney. She had already built it up to the roof line from below, but waited for help to finish above. We had quite the system going: Kate would schlep bricks from two piles under the kiln shed and up two levels of scaffolding to where I was sitting. We made a pulley system so that I could hoist two bricks at a time (25-30lbs) up to Joy without anyone having to walk on the roof. Joy sat, kneeled, squatted, stood and tiptoed on the roof as the chimney grew. We paused only to reinforce Joy's bench (and a quick snack while we were at it). 280 bricks later, Joy's chimney was finished: 20 feet off the ground AND her goal height!

It really is a beautiful kiln and I am so thankful to have been a part of the whole process. I can't wait to help fire it!!


For more information on Joy's kiln building project, check out her website!

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