sending some love to pittsburgh


I started this back in the fall... can you tell? When it was cut up in 5X5 squares and ready to be mailed, it definitely had a fall feel to it because of the browns. I think it's going to make some nice greeting cards, just a bit out of season for right now though. 


Jessie sure liked it, and I'm so glad! It shall take up a bit of space on her wall... at least 20X30 inches...


See how this is the bottom left corner?....


This is my favorite 5X10 inch rectangle from the original which was scanned, shrunk, and then printed to make greeting cards. I will make a set of large greeting cards from these rectangles and 4 sets of 6 smaller greeting cards from the 5X5 inch squares. I'll be sure to post images of the final products when I'm done.


Check out my other greeting cards to get an idea of what these will look like.

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