hit the ground running...

:) a couple of Pasuttis in the kitchen
:) a couple of Pasuttis in the kitchen

Well, I've made it back to Smith Meadows. My mom drove out with me, making a bit of a vacation out of the trip. We stopped in Grand Blanc, MI (completely on the way) to visit some family for a few days and then headed to Pittsburgh, PA to visit a friend. We had a bit of car trouble, but luckily it was in a friendly town with good company.  Once we finally got Lady back on the road (after waiting 8 hours!), we made it to Berryville, VA. Before my mom flew back to Des Moines, IA, we put her to work in the commercial kitchen making empenadas for the weekend's farmer's market [I'm told we look like sisters in this picture].


{In addition to a part time nanny, a studio intern, and resident artist here at Smith Meadows, I put a few hours in at the commercial kitchen each week, hence the random kitchen picture instead of the studio update--coming soon. Tasks range from making ravioli, cutting noodles, peeling garlic, processing herbs, packing pasta coolers for market, and now making empenadas!}

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